A rod dating wwe diva

This is definitely more suited for a mature audience at misc and will more than likely be more popular than my Pokemon tournament going on. We'll see from 100 days from now what Misc considers to be the HOTTEST WWE Diva of all-time. Voting in the poll will remain open for roughly 24 hours.

We'll average out the scores at the end of the day.

S official profile, featuring bio, exclusive videos, photos, career highlights and more. S take a look at 15 wrestlers that have been surrounded by rumors that have predicted their departure in. Entertainment ring, Candice Michelle had already posed nude and had developed a small following. Screen relationships between wrestlers are almost as common as on. Triple H, has established himself on the big scene in Blade.

Natalya, and for some reason that only the WWE Creative Team knows, it was decided that this rising superstar had to. A large collection of exclusive scans of wrestlers and divas from the past and present. After all, these WWE athletes are traveling almost all the time, and.

After that encounter, Dolph Ziggler and Trisha Paytas kept in constant communication, and on the last Thursday of May, the two had supposedly made arrangements to go on a date.

Trisha didn’t skimp on the intimate details of how she prepared for the encounter and added that she canceled a date she had with another man, while repeatedly warning Dolph not to flake.

After all, these WWE athletes are traveling almost all the time, and. Rena Marlette is currently married to Brock Lesnar. Cops want to charge WWE superstar Paige with battery in connection to a fight she had with her wrestler fianc, Alberto El Patron, at a Florida airport.

One of the most unsettling allegations about his hazing antics was that he would haze newbies by joining them in the shower and helping them soap up.It is said that the 76-time Hardcore Champion, known for his grungy sociopathic gimmick, likes to walk around in his birthday suit.There is a rumour that when “Stone Cold” Steve Austin was married to WWE diva Debra Mc Michael, he caught Raven strolling backstage nude.Even then, it’s completely scripted and, really, the ‘drama’ is usually nothing more than John Cena being uncertain about marrying Nikki Bella or Paige getting a tattoo.It’s totally lightweight stuff and makes you long for the days of more outrageous headlines.

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