Adult dating in papua new guinea

It was actually worse than that, but I won't go into all the details.

It is well-known in PNG that if someone, say, murders one of your own family members, then you should feel compelled to murder the murderer.

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The only thing that saved us was that our guide owned the land we were on, and in PNG land ownership is everything.

After World War II, the British and German territories were combined and jointly administered by Australia as the Territory of Papua and New Guinea.

In 1975, the country became Papua New Guinea or, officially, the Independent State of Papua New Guinea. Papua New Guinea consists of eastern New Guinea along with New Britain, New Ireland, Bougainville, and six hundred small islands and archipelagoes.

If you can't find the murderer, then it's fair game to kill another of the murderer's family members (brother, sister, child, etc.) It happens all the time.

On the flight to Ambua we met a group of Doctors without Borders doctors who explained to us some of the work they were doing.

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