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Only people who create and live in the midst of drama focus on how horrible drama is and are expressive about how much they hate drama and dramatic people. When a person doesn’t have a life, they focus on other people and their faults, traits and shortcomings to build up their own sense of identity. In a drama queen’s perspective, it is obviously the other person who is at fault for making drama and problems; the drama queen never is.

Any time a person complains about drama, take note. To defend their fragile egos, putting the blame on others is the prime defense mechanism.

See full summary » When a striptease dancer is brutally murdered in Las Vegas, detective Rita Cates and her partner J. See full summary » Since they met the first time in boarding school as little kids, it was obvious that the orphans Kay and Dave would become a couple.

But at sixteen, Dave foolishly attempted to rob a bank ...

In my experience, people who have lives and stability talk about their families, lives and work in constructive ways.

Their days are focused on life and real world issues. Drama queens are quick to denigrate, demean and ridicule others.

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Escaping his past may not be as easy as he had it all a dream?The key decision is how to associate with such a person.One option is to completely disassociate and withdraw from them. Dramatic people complain about drama and dramatic people. One has brought a drama queen, toxic personality, into their life.The crux is noticing the traits of a drama queen early and taking immediate action to set clear, strong boundaries.

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