Davey havock jef star dating

Singles "Miss Murder" and "Love Like Winter" are still played in heavy rotation by rock stations -- mostly of the satellite radio variety -- which is quite impressive considering the tracks are over three years old and have to compete with a million bands that sound like Deathcab for Cutie on Vicodin.The band's eighth studio album "Crash Love" is out Sept.

Havok is an outspoken advocate of the straight edge lifestyle and veganism.

Stopholese suggested that his friend, Adam Carson, might be able to fill the role of drummer because he owned a drum set. After high school, the band broke up when its members left for college.

Havok attended UC Berkeley where he took on a double major in English and Psychology.

29, and Davey Havok knows there's pressure to live up to past success. I spoke with the glam frontman about that, mustaches, video games, surviving Catholic school and more last week.

What was the process like of going into the studio and recording a new album after "Decemberunderground's" amazing success? We spent nine months writing the record - a process which [left us with] 60 songs.

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