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The only finish to ever bear this duke street stamping was the Bruyere and after June 1918 the only other time Dunhill has employed the stamping was in 1985 in connection with its two Bruyere pipe sterling banded 75 Anniversary Set.

These anniversary pipes (model 1, a small ¾ bent, and model 3, a small billiard) are readily recognizable as the reverse side of the shank is stamped "75 YEARS ....." and the sterling band has a floral letter "L" as one of the hallmark strikes.

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At about this same time a one year guarantee against defects was offered on the bowl of each pipe, and to insure against far older Dunhill pipes being replaced under this guarantee a simple dating code, showing the year of manufacture, was devised and stamped onto each pipe bowl. Over the ensuing years great interest has arisen over the "mystique" of the Dunhill pipe in general and the dating code in particular. Denotes a pipe designed by the customer and carved to order. Some examples are: 5861/12 (English); 1343253/20 (U.Loring, his collections, and his writings on the subject of Dunhill pipes.I have also tried to collect all of the published Dunhill catalogs.You must be 18 years or older to make any selections on this site - by doing so, you are confirming that you are of legal age to purchase tobacco products or smoking accessories.We will deny any order we believe has been placed by a minor.

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