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We have shade for our motor-home and the toilet block is nearby although we do have a toilet in the vehicle. My husband called a few hours ago and said the tire went flat (blown, whatever-wasn't... Because I had to work all day, I couldn't get up to see her to wish her a happy birthday. I just had my breakfast and thinking about heading out for my morning walk soon. It makes my activity here slower so I stop expecting to reach 1 dollar today.

Some camping sites are better than others but this... I like to listen to piano music at work so it feels like I'm playing along while typing on my computer keyboard. She doesn't have a phone in her room at the nursing home, so I couldn't call her. For two consecutive days since yesterday I reach .89. From Wednesday until Friday, my time were occupied by these wonderful people in my life.

On the chalkboard my dad installed in my bedroom, I would... On the home front, I still have dishes and a shower to take care of. I bought two, one for here in Connecticut and one for Florida.

I would study in my bedroom, and I would teach the material I needed to learn to a class of imaginary students. They have a plan to either kill someone or collect insurance... Now my bags are packed and I am ready to go tomorrow morning. A few weeks ago, QVC offered an Amazon Fire Stick at a discount price.

I've put on some amazing classical concert performances sitting at my desk. I feel so blessed that they have become a part of my life.

Some here wanted me to put a photo of my baked ziti First I am very please with it. I wasn't sure how to use it but our grandson Brandon came over and helped me hook it up. In another hour, I will have a friend for dinner here.

Carver, Creston, CA ) “is a pretty cool site - they have picked out some of the best videos on the web.

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