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☹️So I decided to build a chatbot that would prompt me at the end of every class, asking me to tell it what homework I’d been assigned.It costs money to run a website and too many in the past have closed down because they could not afford to stay open.I’m going to tell you everything I learned while coding a popular Facebook Messenger bot, and my crazy first week of marketing it (which involved a tweet from one of the Jonas Brothers, a viral Facebook post in Thailand, and an interview with the BBC).I hoped that lots of other students struggled with the same problem. Sure, there’s a lot of buzz around bots right now, but mainly because students are never far from their smartphones (especially in class)… 😎I started out building a chatbot using SMS, but I quickly learned that there’s a cost to sending text messages from a US-based SMS service (like Twilio).And even if I used a Canadian phone number, it would be really expensive for people to use my bot in other countries. In grades 6 and 7, I’d learned a fair amount of PHP, and I created a few simple web applications.

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