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This article is about the 1979 Iranian (Islamic) revolution in Iran.

For the revolution that took place between 19, see Persian Constitutional Revolution.

The studies which follow are all based on patterns I saw and explored, and I thought it might be useful to place them here for the record.

Unfortunately there is no record of the examples they were taken from, so they will just have to stand as drafting exercises.

I believe some dhows are male and some female, but I’m not sure which are which.

One authority suggests that those craft with a thick and short prow are female, and those with a long and fine prow are male.

I should also admit that these sketches are based on the original photographs of the studies, most of the original drawings having been lost – the photographs being the only record I have of them, but which are in too poor condition to be reproduced.

The illustration above, from which the three following details have been taken, is of one of the original drawings I made in the early 1970s. Although the paper has discoloured slightly with the passage of time, the draftsmanship can still be examined.

The Blitz generation have watched helplessly as their sons and daughters have been forced to move out of their historic homeland, the East End.

At this degree of magnification it is possible to see how the grain of the paper, a smooth cartridge, interacts with the ink from the drafting pen.

It is probable that the two pens used here were 0.2mm and 0.5mm Rapidographs, but I’m not absolutely sure after the passing of over thirty years.

You can also get a feel for the size of the boat from this view of its construction.

Incidentally, I don’t know if I am correct in referring to dhows as feminine in the characterisation of the West.

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