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There is no way Lebron James’ wife Savannah Brinson didn’t get wind of his direct messages, and you have to wonder how many other Instagram models have been contacted by the Cleveland basketball player.

Rachel Bush has since deleted her tweet outing Lebron James – but the damage was already done, and we all know you can’t “delete” anything from the Internet in this day and age.

Lots of pictures of her body and party lifestyle on boats and in clubs and it seems like Le Bron must have liked what he saw.

Bar Tool Sports posted a screenshot of him in her messages saying “Hey what’s up.” This screenshot comes not even a day after Rachel and her boyfriend were sitting courtside at a Cleveland Cavaliers game. ———————————— Rachel reportedly–Read More At The Shade A photo posted by The Shade Room (@theshaderoominc) on According to Rachel, she claims to be the girlfriend of Cleveland Browns safety Jordan Poyer.

Is the Cleveland Cavaliers basketball player a cheater?

Lebron married his now wife Savannah Brinson in 2013, since then the couple have had three children together – and appeared to be happily married.

The story gets even more interesting because Rachel and Jordan were at the Cleveland Cavaliers game just before Le Bron slid into her DMs.

Right now, isn't my time," a quote which became quite controversial.She wrote that she “didn’t know he had a wife and KIDS. Not even into basketball like that…” Bush also had an interview on“My boyfriend claims he did… Since James’ alleged cheating scandal has surfaced, Bush has become even more popular.He has a wife and two or three kids, I know he respects them. She’s well-known in the Instagram world for her controversial bikini photos and booty shots, but the scandal has made her even more famous.We recently caught up with Le Bron to try and find out how he got in such great shape.Although King James was always athletic, he recently hired a new trainer to help him lose weight and build lean muscle because Le Bron wants to prolong his career and play until he's 40 years old.

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