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The spotlight will be on all the drama, conflict and inherent comedy that ensues when these very spirited and single moms-to-be embark on their quest to find Mr. One girl on the show is pregnant by her “good friend,” but he doesn’t know she’s carrying his baby. We can only imagine how much drama there will be when pregnant, emotional women are trying to date!

Plus, imagine when they tell their potential suitors that they are in fact, pregnant.

But GG is unbothered this season, having learned to deal with her anger and her rheumatoid arthritis in healthy ways.

Mercedes MJ Javid's father's health takes a turn for the worse and Reza Farahan -- who's dealing with his own set of trials in his first year of marriage -- finds himself in the middle of the usual Asa and MJ drama, only this time, he's forced to choose sides.

Right while they wait on their babies to be born, the show definitely has its critics as well.

Most women argue that these women have a lot more to be worried about during their pregnancies than just finding a man.

Wow, this show sounds, interesting, to say the least!

While advocates of the show say that there is nothing wrong with these pregnant women seeking out companionship and finding Mr.

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