Radiometric dating from hawaiian volcanoes

In order to establish this dating method in this application an attempt has been made to trace the sources of the anomalies.

We'll get back to impact cratering, but for now the map, below, shows the locations of 24 major volcanoes on Mars.The geochemical signature of volcanic rocks from the northeast Indian Ocean suggests that seamounts there formed from melting recycled ancient continental rocks.Full text:10.1038/ngeo1328 Volcanoes formed above the Hawaiian mantle plume exhibit a striking contrast in the geochemical characteristics of the lavas erupted at the northern Kea compared with the southern Loa volcanoes.We have found that gas released from such inclusions by crushing contains radiogenic argon, and that the constituent minerals give very old potassium-argon ages (circa 800 million years).Similar gaseous inclusions have been noted in a variety of other lava phenocrysts, and their presence in a dated sample may produce an anomalous old age.

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