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== Prerequisites * ffi * win32-security (MS Windows only) * fakeweb (test only) * test-unit (test only) Ruby users should use Ruby 1.9.3 or later. == Installation gem install net-ping == New Maintainer Chris Chernesky is the current maintainer of net-ping as of version 1.7.6 and later.

In a 2014 interview at the Red Bull Music Academy, we heard Fatima Al Qadiri say, “It’s not brute force,” referring to her martial arts-inspired approach to composition.

And yet, two years later, we have Look deep into the eyes of T-Word and Joey – what do you see?

Or, you can load individual subclasses like this: require 'net/ping/tcp' The former has the advantage of being easier to remember and all inclusive, not to mention backwards compatible.

The latter has the advantage of reducing your memory footprint.

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