Speed dating eastside

Today I was at a Campus and Community Fair pedaling my many volunteer opportunities to college students who, let's face it, are looking for freebies during their lunch hour.

I can remember thinking back to my undergraduate days during the campus fairs when I would scope out the different vendors and organizations and think to myself, "Alright...

Ashley and I were ready to push the eject button at about thirty seconds, not five minutes. I tried to mix it up, but if they asked me what I did for work or why I live in NYC, there was nothing I could do. Everyone had a paper and we were supposed to write down the men's names with whom we wanted to go on a date.

If a man and woman both wrote down each other, the powers that be would disclose contact info.

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Speed dating was the final frontier and I decided that my friend Ashley and I were going to be pioneers. The girls sat on one side of a long table and the men did the rotating. Since Ashley could see a disappointing preview of every guy on deck to talk to her, it took away some of the suspense. Immediately I was reminded of Sorority Rush, because it's a timed, forced one-on-one information exchange, repeated ad nauseam. We had five minutes with about fifteen different guys.I hadn't been writing anything, but then I thought I might be offending someone.So I did the thing where my pen appeared to touch the paper but in fact hovered a hair above the paper, doing figure-8s.“The nannies absolutely loved it and we found that a lot of nannies came to find jobs or tips for trying to transition” from working for one family to another.The upcoming event will play out like traditional speed dating — there will be three minutes to get introduced and ask questions with a bell signaling when it’s time to move on.

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