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Follow Him: @Cody_Calafiore Favorite Way To Chill Out: I love sports, especially soccer.

When I'm not playing, I'm on Instagram all the time checking out people’s photos.

The singers MTV Artist to Watch Tour kicks of on February 24th.

What He Looks For In a Girl: "A girl that has respect for herself and that I can bring home to my mom - I definitely gotta have my mom liking her. At the very top there's a restaurant and it spins do you can see the entire city.

But just like attending an inspirational speech by a professional bodybuilder won’t automatically give you huge biceps, reading without a plan won’t turn you into Casanova.

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Long before Jonah Hill was a dwarf-loving Wall Street banker, and Emma Stone had that dance with Justin Timberlake, these kids were rocking the box office and creating hilarious lines that will be ingrained in popular culture for years to come.

That night we talked, laughed and made out like teenagers 'til 4am, recklessly breaking rule after rule with carefree abandon.

Within seconds, he was inside the doorway, pulling me into his arms tightly.

Since that first date, I admit that I have on several occasions wanted to text Rock Star, or call him to tell him I am looking forward to our next date.

I even let Rock Star sleep in my bed that night, delighting in the caresses of this man.

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    If you decide to play with jokers, just shuffle one or two into each card set before you start.

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