Updating windows 2016 to windows xp

Each of the apps has an initial install and layers of updates, so “just reinstall what you had” could be a two- or three-day-long process that I’d rather avoid.I need something that will allow the old VPC to be used again, without reinstalling everything.Is there any way to take an existing XP VPC from Win7 and then load (or restore, or overlay, or whatever) it into a new VPC? Yes, it might be possible to re-use the existing and already-set-up virtual hard drive in a new, Win10-compatible virtual machine.Conceptually, this is the same as moving a physical hard drive from one PC to another.Learning how to manage Windows Update For control freaks, Windows Update is a nightmare.It's designed to operate in the background, automatically keeping your system safe and running smoothly.As long as the PCs aren’t too different, the software on the relocated hard drive can usually run on the new machine.Likewise, a virtual hard drive can usually be moved from one VPC to another.

Several of the tips below are not available to Windows 10 Home users.

This can overburden limited Internet connections because Windows Update will download gigabytes of data.

Since updates are applied automatically, restarts could also strike at inconvenient times.

You will need to use your file as part of our BIOS update command as you can’t update a BIOS automatically unless you pass the password through as part of the command.

Also note that if you try to update a HP BIOS and you have bitlocker enabled there is a suspend bitlocker switch which I haven’t needed to use. Here is a link to the HP BIOS Configuration Utility Guide which also explains how you can you generate a file if required.

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