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Now 18-years-old, Paris Jackson — daughter of the late King of Pop, Michael Jackson — is enjoying a life that most girls her age would only dream of; for the good and bad.

She was hospitalized in 2013 after a suicide attempt.

This is because lupus is aggravated by sun exposure.

His first malar rash appeared in 1983 which is also when he had his second nose job.

Jackson has received a lot of flake for her erratic behavior.

Moving forward, she’s been trying to clean up her act, making the choice to attend Alcoholics Anonymous.

AA is where she met her new boyfriend, Michael Snoddy, 26, a drummer for Street Drum Corps.

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Vitiligo and lupus are both auto immune disorders; diseases where the body’s immune system attacks its own cells.

He whispers to me, “I bet it will be sexy.”The world certainly thought so, and apparently still does.

The campy horror-fest with dancing zombies that is “Michael Jackson’s Thriller,” originally conceived as a 14-minute short film, is the most popular and influential music video of all time.

Dr Richard Strick was one of the doctors appointed by the District Attorney to perform the court ordered examination of Michael in December 1993 and had reviewed Michael’s medical records, he has stated that the reasons Michael had so many nose jobs were for “reconstructive” reasons due to the skin healing problems and scarring associated with his discoid lupus.

“Lupus is also an autoimmune disease and he also had skin involvement, which had destroyed part of the skin of his nose and his nasal surgeries and all were really reconstructive, to try and look normal.

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